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Do you know what's learking in your skincare products

Researchers Found That There  is evidence linking chemicals in a number of  shampoos that leads to long-term memory loss! To learn about what products are clean, download the APP called THINK DIRTY. It will rate all of your household and beauty consumer products.

This is just one study: Beware of all products that  contain the ingredient called methylisothiazolinone, or MIT, which causes neurological damage according to research studies. This chemical causes these effects by preventing communication between neurons. It essentially slows the networking of neurons, and since the nervous system and brain function on a system of neural networks, the slowing of this network will suppress and impair the normal function of the brain and nervous system. These findings were presented on December 5th at the American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting. Popular shampoos contain toxic chemicals linked to nerve damage!! Thanks Dr. Shaun Weaver McKee, everyone needs to know this. To start replacing your shampoo to a clean one click here