How Can Holistic Wellness Benefit Your Health?


Holistic wellness is a concept that is simultaneously brand new and as old as humanity. It draws on the collective knowledge of both traditional and modern medicine. Rather than being centered on a specific ailment, it focuses on the whole person. Holistic practitioners realize that health and wellness doesn’t mean simply treating a set of symptoms. It focuses on finding the root cause of the illness and engaging with all the elements of a person- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, in order to help them achieve holistic wellness. 


Holistic practitioners are educated and trained in a number of different healing methods. They often have training in Western medical practice and training, alternative therapies such as homeopathy, massage therapy, and acupuncture, nutrition and physical therapy, psychotherapy and counseling, herbal and natural medicines, and yoga and meditation. They are well versed in the use of health and wellness products.  In this article, we will take a look at how holistic wellness can benefit your health.

  1. Boost Your Physical Well Being

Holistic wellness leads to improved physical health because it encourages exercise, healthy and natural food, and getting enough sleep. It also advocates for using natural health and wellness products where appropriate and effective rather than prescription drugs.

  1. Proactive Prevention

Holistic wellness is a great way to prevent disease. Holistic practitioners advocate for the use of preventative procedures such as immunizations, pap smears, breast exams, and cholesterol testing. Preventative procedures help to prevent emerging diseases and catch things early. That, in turn, leads to better outcomes and better health. 

  1. Better Mental Health

Holistic wellness promotes a constant awareness of one’s mental health. This is done through mindfulness and education. Your mental well-being is a powerful influence on your physical and emotional well-being. Learning to take control of your mental health through counseling, talk therapy, and a variety of techniques such as journaling, hypnosis, and meditation.

  1. Get a Social Life

Holistic wellness promotes better social skills and connections. It recognizes the importance of our connections to other people to our overall health and wellness.  In today’s digital world we often lose our connection to other people. Holistic practitioners work with their patients to help them with techniques to strengthen their relationships and with issues such as anger management, stress, and social anxiety. 

  1. Have a deeper spiritual connection

Holistic wellness also encourages you to seek out a deeper spiritual connection and be in touch with your transcendent side.  This doesn’t necessarily mean practicing any religion. Rather it implies seeking out a deeper connection within yourself and the broader world/universe, spending time in nature and absorbing the power and beauty inherent in it.  It also preaches practicing meditation and self-analysis and learns about different philosophies and faiths.  If you belong to a particular faith it means practicing your faith.