To Your Health and Mental Wellness

We're in the month of May, can you believe it? I can hardly believe it myself, and guess what? May is mental health awareness month so it’s  time for some extra TLSC ( Tender Loving Self Care ) that means practicing some health habits like sel- love and self-awareness 

  • Drinking more water if you're not doing so.


  • Indulging in the Mediterranean lifestyle


  • Practicing meditation of the WORD or something else that's positive


  • Getting a full body massage if possible 


  • Going for Walks , Yoga, or Tai Chi practice 


  • Manicure, Pedicure or a facial


  • See professional mental health therapies or doctors.


 Lets chat tell me, what are some of the things you are doing to care for yourself mental wellness?

Yoga for practice for physical and mental wellness



Yoga Practice for your physical and mental wellness